Reset Your Firefox Preferences by Calling at Mozilla Firefox Technical Support Number +1-888-664-3555

Resetting different preferences like Privacy, Update, tabs, zoom, encryption and where to save the downloaded file can help you in fixing different Firefox problems.
Firefox Browser support 1-888-664-3555 Number 

We are going to discuss the two ways through which you can reset your Mozilla Firefox preferences. If you find any problem, then call us at our toll-free Mozilla Firefox technical support number +1-888-664-3555. Our experts at the help desk will guide you in a most convenient way.

Solution 1: Refreshing the Firefox
  • Open the Mozilla Firefox browser and go to the menu bar. Click on ‘Help’ link. If you don’t find any such link, then call at Firefox help support number.
  • Open the Tool menu and go to troubleshooting a problem. Here the steps for different problems are given. You can follow them as it is on your computer. If you want to refresh the page, then click on Refresh button given on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Firefox will automatically refresh the window. Once the process gets finished, you will find imported information on the screen. Click on ‘Finish’ to complete the process and open the Firefox again. For any support and help contact Mozilla Firefox technical support number +1-888-664-3555.
Solution 2: Delete the Firefox preferences files

Click on the menu button by getting into Mozilla Firefox browser.

Go to help section and click on Troubleshooting Information. The information page will be opened on the screen.

You will find a basic section here, Click on the open folder. Profile files will be opened on the front screen.
  1. Tap on the menu button and then exit by clicking on the Power off button.
  2. Search for files and delete them. You will find files with name Pref.js old. Backup the files if required else delete them as it is. For more help, call at Firefox help number  1-888-664-3555 and get support for your browser.
  3. Close the Preferences window now and restart your browser.

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